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The Slovenian Directors' Association

The Slovenian Directors' Association SDA is a non-governmental and not-for-profit association that was established in June 1997. Its mission is to connect members of Supervisory Boards; to promote education and professionalism, ethical behaviour and to improve standards of good Corporate Governance. SDA provides education, certification, research, professional standards, publishing and consulting services to SB members. SDA joined ecoDa in 2006.

Members:600 members and 12 corporate members (figures 2014)
CG Model
  • Two-tier system: 99% of all companies
  • One-tier system: 1% of all companies (of which cca. 10 % are listed companies)
  • 71 listed companies (figure 25 Feb 2013)
  • Concentrated Ownership, workers participation in SB

Zdruzenje nadzornikov Slovenije (The Slovenian Directors' Association, SDA)


Last update June 2013