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The Croatian Institute of Directors

The Croatian Institute of Directors was founded on July 18th, 2007 in Croatia and in November 2007 became an affiliated member of ecoDa. Main goals and objectives of the Croatian Institute of Directors are: permanent professional training of their members, ensuring that the position of a board member is treated as a special interdisciplinary profession, ensuring that the management functions in economy are carried out within the framework of entrepreneurship and legal responsibility, according to a unique code of good business practice and professional ethics, establishing and developing unique industrial standards in terms of status, material rights and professional responsibility of the board members and development of good corporate governance practice in Croatia.


CG Model
  • Two-tier system for the majority (even though the choice is given)
  • 200 listed companies
  • Outsider ownership Model
  • Closed system of CG
  • Concentrated ownership
  • significant state ownership
  • Institutional investors play a small role
  • Capital market is very "shallow" and not liquid and does not have a significant role in CG

Hrvatska udruga članova nadzornih i upravnih odbora (Croatian Institute of Directors)


Last update June 2013