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Malta IoD Branch
IoD Malta was founded almost 50 years ago and represents directors from every corner of industry in Malta. IoD Malta's key role is helping the government, all local stakeholders and society to improve corporate governance standards, and to improve the foundations for economic growth and development in Malta. IoD Malta has worked closely with the Malta Financial Services Authority on a number of events and initiatives in the governance area as well with the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and key institutional stakeholders, including the Malta Stock Exchange.

For many years IoD Malta has hosted a number of seminars and events for members and their guests, including policy and business events.

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IoD Malta follows best practice in Corporate Governance. 

IoD Malta is committed to good corporate governance through compliance with laws and regulations and by implementing best practices. IoD Malta's Council, led by Chairman James J. Satariano is the Malta Branch's highest decision making body, where all Council members participate in the supervision and control of this IoD branch and exercise their rights to speak and vote. The Annual General Meeting is held each year on a date determined by the Council. Extraordinary General Meetings can be held when Council considers it necessary to do so or when required by legislation.

Current Council: James J. Satariano, Chairman, Anthony Guillaumier, Vice-Chairman, Edwin Ward, Communications Director and James Arrigo, Honorary Secretary.




     Malta IoD Branch 


Last update June 2013