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Forum de Administradores de Empresas

FAE is a non-profit organization formed under Portuguese law that by statutes aims primarily at the development, training and the improvement of scientific and technical education of its members. Beyond this objective FAE is also focused in the companies' management quality improvement, carrying out studies and publications and encouraging its members to exchange their business experiences within the association.

FAE is also an independent and apolitical organization, which was founded in 1979 joining some of the most prestigious leaders of the state companies and adopting then the name of Forum de Gestores de Empresas Pรบblicas. Reflecting the economic changes of the country most of those state companies were reprivatised and as a result of this shift this association decided to widen the participation of managers and accepted the ones from the private sector as well as the private companies themselves. For that purpose its statutes were altered accordingly and the present name of Forum de Administradores de Empresas (FAE) was adopted.

At this point is important to highlight that FAE for almost 36 years has been the only Portuguese association that represent the business leaders as a group and at the end of 2006 it had achieved to join together a considerable number of members (300) considering Portugal's dimension, being among them the most prestigious CEO's in Portugal and the top companies of the Portuguese economy.

Considering foreign links, FAE is an effective member of International Network of Private Business Organizations, a network including several worldwide countries and since 1986 FAE has taken part in all Annual Conferences held in a different country each year.

Portugal has hosted the annual event in 1997 being FAE responsible for the organization of the Conference under the subject of "The Challenges of the European Union: Regionalism and Multilateralism in World Affairs" and will do it again in 2015.

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Forum de Administradores de Empresas (FAE)




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