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Corporate Governance Institute Albania (CGIA)

 CGIA is established at the end of  2009 and started its activities on the beginning of 2010 as an independent institute. On June 10, 2014 CGIA became an independent association of business leaders by a decision of Board of Directors. Since 2009 CGIA has been pursuing its activities with the goal of contributing to the development and recognition of corporate governance practices, creating professional leaders and promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the businesses, community and the society as a whole. CGIA supports executive directors and directors in their professional development through different training programmes, workshop, seminars, conferences, round tables, as well as businesses through corporate governance consultancies etc.

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CG Model
  • Two - tier board system

Listed Companies - Currently Tirana Stock Exchange is closed . There are no listed companies. 

Corporate Governance Code for unlisted Companies applies on voluntary basis. Please refer to the link below:


Corporate Governance Institute Albania


Last update June 2013