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Boeva Bistra

Prof. Boeva is a full time professor at the "International Economic Relations and Business" Department at the University for National and World Economic Studies (Sofia, Bulgaria). She holds a postdoctoral degree in international business and master's degree in law. Prof. Bistra Boeva teaches courses in International Management, International project management and Corporate Governance at master degree  programmes  in Bulgaria and abroad.  


Prof. Bistra Boeva  chaired the Supervisory Board of the Privatization Fund Kaliman (1996-1997) and  held of Board of Directorships in of Bulgarian  companies. For four years( 1997-2001)  she was a Commissioner at the Bulgarian National Securities and Stock Exchange Commission.


Currently prof. Boeva is a member of the Private Sector Advisory Group (Global Forum for Corporate Governance-IFC/ World Bank).  In her capacity as a PSAG member, she works on projects in ECA countries.  Between 2008 and 2011 she was a appointed as a member of the European Forum for Corporate Governance established by European Commission. Her publications are on corporate governance issues, international management and international project management. 


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