Benchmarking Committee

Its mission is to stimulate exchange of information and best practices among the national associations" members and therefore to support reflection on all issues related to corporate governance at large.

The Benchmarking and Information Committee (BIC)

Chair (Interim)

Michel de Fabiani

IFA (the French Institute of Directors) 

Biography available here



  • Arna ARNARDOTTIR, Reykjavik University, ICELAND
  • Marie CHAMBOURDON, ILA, the Luxembourg Institute of Directors, LUXEMBOURG
  • Liesbeth DE RIDDER, GUBERNA, the Belgian Institute of Directors, BELGIUM
  • Trude FJELDSTAD, the Norwegian Institute of Directors, NORWAY
  • Lena, HENNINGSSON, Swedish StyrelseAkademien, SWEDEN
  • Hana HORAK, the Croatian Institute of Directors, CROATIA
  • James JAVIS, IOD UK
  • Irena PRIJOVIC, SDA, the Slovenian Directors' Association, SLOVENIA
  • Béatrice RICHEZ-BAUM, Secretary General, ecoDa
  • Rossello CRISTINA, Nedcommunity, ITALY
  • Kiuru SCHALIN, Directors' Institute Finland, FINLAND
  • Olaf SIGURJÓNSSON, Reykjavik University, ICELAND
  • Vojdan JORDANOV, Macedonian Institute of Directors, MACEDONIA