Biography of Gro Braekken

Gro Braekken

Secretary General, the Norwegian Institute of Directors (Norsk Institutt for Styremedlemmer)


ecoDa board member 



Gros has a long and broad experience as a top leader, with strong results from international business companies, banking, industry associations, and NGOs. 

She also has ample BoD-experience from international commercial enterprises within energy, refinery, shipbuilding, and project management, as well as from health organisations and NGOs. 

Her varied background has provided her with a highly qualified and extensive network of people within industry, commerce, politics, bureaucracy, and trade unions, and substantial knowledge of their various roles and the cooperation between them.

Her leadership strengths are the ability to identify and drive through required changes in strategy and organization, in order to improve performance and results short and long term. Her leadership style is direct, open, and social, and she possess a good sense of judgment.