Biography of Jean Coroller

The Education Committee 

Interim Chairman

Jean Coroller

Director of Certification Programme, IFA, FRANCE

Jean Coroller is the Director of Certification of Board Members with IFA (the French Institute of Directors). He launched this initiative in late 2010 in France in partnership with Sciences Po Executive Education, a top university.

He has over 39 years of experience developing an extensive expertise in the following areas: corporate governance best practices and efficiency / effectiveness of boards, audit and risk committees, topics specific to the management of multinational companies, notably with the US and European countries.

Formerly a senior partner with Ernst & Young in Paris covering Continental Western Europe, he has over the years been responsible for developing and promoting Corporate Governance services and best practices on the behalf of Ernst & Young, being an active representative with the IFA Board and other working groups such the Education and International Commissions. He was a Board Member with AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce in France. He embraced a comprehensive spectrum in the advisory world, assisting C-suite management and Boards of large International corporations achieve a sustainable growth in line with the Board strategic objectives.

Jean Coroller is also the President of the HEC Alumni Management Division which encompasses the areas of Strategy, Governance and HR. He is a member of the French Institute of Internal Auditors and is involved with BREA (Global Board of Research and Education Advisors) set up by the IIA (the Institute of Internal Auditors).

Jean is a graduate from HEC and a fully qualified chartered accountant.