Biography of Philippe Decleire

The Membership Committee (MC)




Treasurer, ecoDa

Philippe Decleire is an independent director sitting in several European groups' boards and he manages JADRE network, that he founded in 1994. JADRE Network provides management services and advice to companies and organizations in various countries of the European Union. He is also managing director of several companies. After 15 years being involved in the national and international corporate banking activities' development and management within KBC group and BACOB Bank, he joined SUEZ group in 1991 to take various management responsibilities in the fields of corporate finance, restructuring, project management and crisis management at an international level. Philippe Decleire is also member and Vice-President of the International Committee of the « Institut Français des Administrateurs » (IFA), member of Guberna « L'Institut Belge des Administrateurs », and Judge to the Trade Court of Brussels. Philippe Decleire holds a degree in applied economy and management science with title of « ingénieur commercial et de gestion » from the « Université Catholique de Louvain » in Belgium (I.A.G.). He was born on 8th March 1953, is based in Brussels and has four children.