Nomination and Evaluation Committee

The Nomination Committee supports ecoDa's board and operates as a committee of the board.  The Nomination Committee is responsible for assessing the applications and for putting recommendations for the best suitable people to chair ecoDa and its different committees/working groups. The Nomination Committee helps shape ecoDa corporate governance 1- by assessing the performance of the board and appraising the right framework for committees" assessment, 2- by overseeing the smooth integration of new board members and new chairs, 3- by facilitating the oversight of the Secretary General's performance and remuneration, 4- by providing counsel with respect to Board and Committees" structure and by developing corporate governance principles on the specific request of the board.

The Nomination and Evaluation Committee (NEC)


Maarit Aarni-Sirviö

Directors' Institute Finland

Biography available here




  • Juan ALVAREZ-VIJANDE, IC-A, Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores, SPAIN
  • B√©atrice RICHEZ-BAUM, Secretary General, ecoDa
  • Lutgart VAN DEN BERGHE, Executive Director, Guberna (BELGIUM)