Statement from the Director General

Being a member of ecoDa is about sharing knowledge and best practices in terms of corporate governance. When all members contribute with insights from their national reality in Boards of Directors, they can rely on ecoDa to get an "inside view" on European developments of corporate governance and corporate law.


ecoDa is organized as a community of experience and information, valuable to all its members. This community creates a platform where corporate governance is debated in depth and where firm opinions on all European topical issues can be defined.


ecoDa is driven by an ongoing dynamic; each new membership brings added value to the group. Not only in terms of the variety of CG models but also in terms of the way each member promotes professional board members. Each national institute benefits from a European network and brainstorming debates. But the members also learn from each other and are thereby able to develop new services towards their individual board members. The peer to peer approach within ecoDa has proven to be efficient.


Widen your national vision on corporate governance and join us!

BĂ©atrice Richez-Baum,

Director General of ecoDa