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NEWSLETTER Internal March 2014


The European Confederation of Directors' Associations organizes its annual conference on the topic of "the Board Selection Process: Assembling the Right Pieces for a Dynamic, Effective and Balanced Board" in Brussels on April 29 (14.30-18.30) at the Thon Hotel EU. The event will provide the opportunity to discuss "what companies say they do and what companies really do" in terms of board selection process. Two distinctive panels will tackle the question of directors’ profiles and the formal processes. Jeroen Hooijer, Torben Ballegard Sorensen and other distinguished speakers have already confirmed their participation here. Thanks for spreading the word!


ecoDa's Committees


A benchmark on ecoDa members' local branches

Within the Benchmarking Committee, members have made presentations on their local branches. The objective now is to provide best practices guidelines for  ecoDa members which wish to develop their own local networks.


Manifesto for the new Commission and Parliament

The Policy Committee has just reached an agreement on a position statement for the future European Commission and Parliament. This document identifies the main important issues in terms of CG for the coming years.


A new logo for ecoDa’s 10th anniversary

In preparation of ecoDa's 10th anniversary, the Communication Committee will be in discussion with a graphic designer for a new logo to be approved by the board.


A WG on boards’ selection and composition

The WG on diversity has changed its name. It is now called the WG on boards’ selection and composition. Additional experts have joined the group. Its objective is to prepare for the April annual conference on boards’ selection process and to produce a useful and informative reference of how Boards currently recruit across the various European jurisdictions with guidelines on best practices in close cooperation with Korn Ferry.


Comparaison of the national certification programmes

The Education Committee organised a physical meeting in Brussels in February, when each member had a chance to present its national certification programme (Debriefing Note to be issued soon).


Comparative survey on Say on pay

The French IFA has conducted  a comparative survey on the Say on Pay in close cooperation with ecoDa. A complete document is now available. 


ecoDa's Spring Training Programme, 17-18 March 2014

The 2-day ecoDa’s Education Programme will take place on 17 – 18 March, 2014 at Thon Hotel EU, rue de La Loi 75, 1040 Brussels.

ecoDa will welcome 35 participants from France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain and Macedonia.


Roundtable discussion on Family businesses

On March 12 for its roundtable discussion on CG family businesses, ecoDa will gather 34 high level experts to discuss this topic in presence of Ugo Bassi, Director General of Capital and Companies in the European Commission's Internal Market DG.


Other business


Next ecoDa chairmanship

ecoDa’s strategic board meeting in January has recommended that Lars-Erik Forsgårdh will take the chair as from May 2014 until October 2015, and Turid Solvang will follow from October 2015 until April 2016.


New Corporate Associates

ecoDa has signed up partnership agreements with Korn Ferry, AIG, Mazars and Directors’ Desk. Korn Ferry will be involved in the topic of Boards’ selection process, AIG on Directors’ Duties and Liabilities, and Mazars on the Comply or Explain Principle. Directors’ Desk will provide ecoDa with a board book tool which will be used as from April board meeting.


A upcoming IFC-ecoDa publication on European CG standards

IFC Global Corporate Governance Forum and the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa) organised a working group meeting on European Union Corporate Governance Standards in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday, December 17, 2013.

The discussions and presentations provided by the attendees will serve as a basis for developing a publication which highlights the EU corporate governance framework and priorities that EU candidate and potential candidate countries, as well as countries seeking to increase trade with EU members or attract investors, should take into account. A follow-up meeting was organised on December 18, 2013 to discuss the structure and content of the publication. The resulting publication will be an update of “The EU Approach to Corporate Governance” which was published by the IFC Global Corporate Governance Forum  in 2008 and will serve as a capacity building knowledge tool and reference for good corporate governance practices for distribution worldwide.


We are moving!

ecoDa is moving to new premises. Please note that as from April 1, 2014 our new address will be as follows: Avenue des Arts 41, Brussels 1040




ecoDa's General Meeting - 29 April 2014

ecoDa's General Meeting is scheduled on April 29, 2014. Members will be reqiored to make presentations about their national institutes of directors. Please note that all the chairs of our national IoDs are invited.


ecoDa's Annual Conference - 29 April 2014

ecoDa (the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations) is oganizing its annual conference on the topic of “the Board Selection Process: Assembling the Right Pieces for a Dynamic, Effective and Balanced Board” in Brussels on April 29 (14.30-18.30) at the Thon Hotel EU.


ecoDa's EU Updates

All EU Alerts are aggregated on ecoDa's intranet. 


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