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NEWSLETTER Private September-October 2013


An Intranet for ecoDa

After completing ecoDa's public website, ecoDa's team has been busy in developping the intranet which is now accessible. The Communication Committee has provided some input and is still in the process of reflecting on how to offer you a clear picture on the EU pending issues. You all have been invited to get registered. If not done yet, please proceed.


ecoDa's Committees


A benchmark on the new changes in national CG Codes

The Benchmarking Committee has finalised a very useful synthetis related to the new changes in national CG codes. This document will be useful for the Policy Committee which might draft a manifesto to be sent to the next Commission in spring 2014.


An almost finalised position paper on non-financial reporting

Thanks to the involvement of Lutgart Van den Berghe, the Policy Committee is busy in finalising a position paper to respond to the EU initiative on non-financial reporting.



Sharing information on local branches developed by the national institutes

The Benchmarking & Information has started to interview ecoDa members which have developed local branches/chapters in their country. The objective is as usual to stimulate inspiration among ecoDa's members.


A reflection on the next ecoDa's objectives in terms of education

ecoDa Education Committee has stimulated a strategic reflection to better understand the needs and the expectations of ecoDa's members and to fix new objectives in the long run.


Towards ecoDa's 10th anniversary

The Communication Committee is busy in defining a road map for ecoDa's 10th anniversary in 2015. The objective is to organise different national events by the national institutes of directors willing to do so and to finalize “the European road show” in one big event in Brussels. It would offer a good chance to expose ecoDa to individual board members. The main topic for ecoDa conference will be "Effective director". Any national institutes willing to organise a national event should inform the Communication Committee.


Still attracting new members

New relationships have been established in Switzerland, Austria, etc.


Towards New Corporate Associates

ecoDa is in the process of finalising agreements with different Corporate Associates.


36 participants at ecoDa last training session

ecoDa organised its fall training session on 17&18 October. 36 participants took part in this session. Even if the majority of the people came from IFA, we managed this time to have a better balance in terms of nationalities with people coming from Luxembourg, Belgium, the UK, Slovenia and Finland. The board simulation was led by Ludo Van der Heyden from INSEAD thanks to the new partnership that ecoDa has signed with them.


The 13th European Corporate Governance Conference in Vilnius

The Lithuanian Presidency organised the 13th European Corporate Governance Conference on 8&9 October 2013 in Vilnius.The conference addressed three main topics:1- encouraging long-term shareholders’ engagement, 2- governance challenges for unlisted companies,3- shareholder-value creation in state-owned enterprises. Patrick Zurstrassen and Tapani Varjas intervened and represented ecoDa. Hard copies of ecoDa's Guidance on CG for unlisted companies were circulated to the participants as well as one page document related to the IBE/ecoDa past publication on Ethics and CG. See a small video from the conference.


New objectives


A Directors' Note on the 1 tier/ 2 tier models

The Benchmarking & Information Committee intends to issue Directors' Note. The first one will focus on the one tier and two tier models and will be based on a discussion held in June.


An IFC-ecoDa publication on European CG standards

The idea is to develop a publication which highlights the EU corporate governance essentials that EU candidate and potential candidate countries, as well as countries seeking to increase trade with EU members or attract investors, should take into account when developing, implementing and reviewing CG codes and CG framework. It should include also the current issues and developments of CG at EU level (European CG Action Plan). The IFC has approached ecoDa as its key partner for this project (ecoDa and IFC being linked by a MOU). In 2008, the IFC has developed such publication which needs to be updated.


Corporate Governance for Family Businesses

ecoDa will tackle the question of CG for family businesses in close cooperation with the European Commission.


A future updated position on Say on pay

The Policy Committee will have to work on the future new directive on shareholders' rights which will include a Say on Pay. The Benchmarking & Information Committee has already collected information from its members in order to contribute to a related IFA report. The results of this benchmark will be communicated to the European Commission in agreement with IFA.




ecoDa board on 13 November, in Madrid

ecoDa board will meet in Madrid on 14 November thanks to the hospitality of IC-A which will held its International Congress on CG the day before.


National Directors' Days

Many national members are organising their directors' day during the fall: VARD, IFA, Guberna, etc. Please look at their websites for further information. Béatrice Richez-Baum spoke at the IFA Directors' Day on the Say on pay in Europe.


ecoDa's EU Updates

All EU Alerts are aggregated on ecoDa's intranet. The latest ones refered to the non-financial reporting, Gender quotas, etc.


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