National education programmes of ecoDa members

Institut Français des Administrateurs

IFA has developed a certification programme in close cooperation with Sciences Po Paris. The programme includes 5 modules:

  • Module I:  Boards practical functioning: missions, roles and directors' responsibilities
  • Module II: Strategy and risk management: value creation
  • Module III: Economic performance: knowing how to interpret and question financial data
  • Module IV: The board and human active: leadership, selection, remuneration and evaluation
  • Module V: Board simulation: board dynamic and collegiality


The programme also includes two optional modules:

  • European directors in cooperation with ecoDa
  • Governance in SME/Intermediate-sized Enterprises in cooperation with Apia

Institut Luxembourgeois des administrateurs

  1. "Essentials Luxembourg", two and half day program Part of Directors Certification Programme.
  2. "Effective Audit Committee", half day.
  3. "Company secretaries", Effective Minutes taking, effective chairing skills, presentation skills, corporate governance, effective board pack, building your personal brand.
  4. "Role and responsabilities of bank Directors", two days.
  5. "Fraud & its governance", aims to give directors practical tools and best practices to identifyand minimize the risk of fraud.
  6. "Seminar for Fund Directors (role, evolving obligations and practices)": a two-day seminar to identify the best governance practice for Funds.
  7.  "Influencing Techniques" - one day course: a repertoire of powerful negotiation techniques that can be used to influence other in the boardroom with impact and efficiency.


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Institute of Directors - UK

  1. "Certificate in Company Direction", The Certificate encompasses the core knowledge and awareness that is necessary to function effectively as a director.
  2. "Diploma in Company Direction", Provides an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from the Certificate in a realistic and safe simulated boardroom environment.
  3. "Chartered Director (CDir)", The IoD's ultimate professional qualification for directors.

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Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores, IC-A


1. IC-A Certificate Program: A program designed for board members, but also for high profile executives who wish to access a board. A 7-day learning experience (4 courses) covering the key features of the board member's life, including regulation, law and responsibility, finance and strategy. Final exam.

 2. IC-A Diploma: The IC-A Diploma course is of 2 days duration. It builds upon the knowledge content of the certificate courses and focuses more upon skill development of the participants using case studies, role plays and other interactive teaching methods, being ethical behaviour strong on the agenda.

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The Belgian Institute of Directors (GUBERNA, l'Institut des Administrateurs / Het Instituut voor Bestuurders):

  1. "Board Effectiveness", in Ghent/Wavre, Belgium on "the board as part of the governance tripod and its interaction with management and shareholders."

  2. "Director Effectiveness", in Ghent/Wavre, Belgium on "the core competencies a director should dispose of for a professional and effective interpretation of his mandate."

  3.  "Board Simulation", in Ghent/Limetlette, Belgium on "group dynamics". You step into the board room throughout 5 simulations.

  4.   Cycle for SMEs: "Cap sur la Gouvernance/ Groeien? Uw Raad weet raad!”: interactive exchange platform for SMEs on growth and the stimulating role of Boards.


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The Slovenian Directors' Association

"Basic Training Programme for Board Directors", Three day training programme includes basic training in legislation, accounting, communication, ethics and monitoring systems.

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The Norwegian Institute of Directors

Co-project between Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Bors) and The Norwegian Institute of Directors:

Oslo Børs course for board members 

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The Swedish Academy of Board Directors 

  1. “Certificate in Effective SME Directorship”
  2. “Certificate in Effective Directorship for Municipally Owned Enterprises”
  3. “Advanced Certificate in Company Directorship”

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The Dutch Institute of Directors, NCD

Interactive leadership and governance programs as well as update sessions throughout the year as part of the NCD Academy. Participants can enter programs based on their level of experience and their personal goals. The programs are:

Leadership Basics ß
Leadership Essentials ß
Dynamic Leadership ß
Leadership and CHANGE in Business
Governance Essentials ß
Governance Dynamics ß
Governance and CHANGE in Business ß
Chairman Program

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The Croatia Institute of Directors

The Croatia Institute of Directors organises education programmes, led and sponsored by ecoDa

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Vereinigung der Aufsichtsrate in Deutschland e.V., VARD

VARD has developed a professional certification program in close cooperation with the Deutsches Corporate Governance Institut (DCGI) and the University of Hamburg.
The modern e-learning program is a cost and time-efficient experience, offering more than 270 minutes of online learning materials in nine modules:
Module 1: Corporate Governance     
Module 2: Strategy      
Module 3: Corporate Finance     
Module 4: Accounting     
Module 5: Financial Reporting     
Module 6: Risk Management     
Module 7: Compliance     
Module 8: Corporate Taxes     
Module 9: Controlling    
The exam contains 108 multiple-choice questions derived from the nine modules. In certain cases the exam can be taken online.
The English version of the materials and the exam will be available from Q2 2018.
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