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ecoDa, Euronext and ICSA joint webinar "Moving to digital board meetings" on 17 January 2019

Date and Time: Thursday 17 January 2019 from 14:00 – 14:45 Central European Time

Topic: Moving to digital board meetings, What does it mean and what is it for?

The board of directors has a vital role to play in the era of digital transformation. Even if board members don’t have to be digital native, they need to understand how the digital transformation effects the company. Basic hands-on digital experience help directors understand the force of digitalization when guiding companies coping with disruption. The culture change and digital tone has to come from the top while boards also have to find new ways of working to improve efficiency and professionalism. Business intelligence and security are becoming new paradigms for board members.  

If you are a board member or a company secretary, feel free to join this webinar organized by ecoDa, Euronext and ICSA, which will address the following questions:

  • What are the strategic objectives the board should achieve when moving to digital? 
  • How serious is the security threat and how do boards secure their strategic information flows?

  • Are digital board portal tools all about efficiency or are there other advantages?

  • What are the advice for a successful transition of the board to a board portal?

  • How does my board evolve from data processing/information sharing to value creation through business intelligence?

Speakers are : Sheenagh Gordon-Hart, Independent director, Partner at The Directors’ Office; Peter Swabey FCIS, Policy & Research Director, ICSA: The Governance Institute; Benoît van den Hove, Euronext, Head of Listing Brussels.

Report of the webnar: here

A joint ecoDa/AIG webinar "Mitigating risks at board level"

Date and Time: Tuesday 11 December 2018 from 15:00 – 16:00 Central European Time

Topic: Risk mitigation

A changing risk environment for European companies and their directors across Europe means greater liability exposure.  Not just across Europe, but in particular when accessing US markets.  Recent court rulings mean that public companies are more susceptible to litigation with private companies facing increased risk due to the broad regulatory environment.

This webinar in association with ecoDa and AIG:

  • Bring greater clarity in terms of what the exposures are and how they are changing;
  • Highligh specific claims case studies that have arisen;
  • Demonstrate what directors and companies need to do to prepare and reduce the risks  

Our speakers discussed the changing risk environment and the potential implications on your risk mitigation and due diligence as a board member.


The discussion was moderated by:

Suzanne Liljegren , ecoDa's Communication Adviser, Director of the Board of Directors, Member and secretary of the International Committee, Member of the Research Committee and Member of the IT Committee at The Swedish Academy of Board Directors

Joining the webinar were:

Noëlle Lenoir, Partner, Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP, Board member at Valeo

Noona Barlow, Head of International Financial Lines Claims, Acting Head of International Casualty Claims, AIG

Kevin LaCroix, Executive Vice President at RT ProExec, Beachwood, Ohio, a division of R-T Specialty, LLC.  RT ProExec is an insurance intermediary focused exclusively on management liability issues.

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A joint webinar with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA " Increased Risk Reporting Requirements" on 9th March 2017

A Joint conference with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA - 5th webinar of our series

Time: 14:00 to 15:30 (Brussels time), 9th March 2017

The webinar was hosted by the European Confederation of Directors' Associations (ecoDa), AIG, and the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

Keynote speakers: Helle Friberg - Group Insurance Manager at Hempel; Alexandra Lajoux - Chief Knowledge Officer Emeritus, National Association of Corporate Directors; Daniel Lebègue - Chair of Transparency; Eric Miller - Head of EMEA Tax Advisory at AIG.

The webinar was moderated by Roger Barker, ecoDa & Senior Consultant at the Institute of Directors (UK)

More information: here

Watch the webinar: here

A joint webinar with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA on "EU/US boards' approach to cyber risk governance: towards a common view?", 14th October 2016

On October 14, ecoDa organized a webinar in cooperation with AIG and Ferma. In this webinar the US Assistant Attorney General, John Carlin, addressed the US view of the cyber threat to the private sector; how the federal government is supporting business to mitigate the risk; how US Boards are responding by US/EU cooperation to support business.

Mark Hughes (CEO BT Security) addressed the European perspective on the threat; particular issues for companies operating in the EU (the "Digital Single Market", the NIS Directive); how can EU Boards do better?

And Philippe Cotelle (Airbus) and Mark Camillo (AIG) complemented the discussion with the Risk Managers' perspective. Roger Barker (IoD/ecoDa) moderated the debate.

Programme: here

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Joint webinars with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday 23 February 2016 (PART I) and Thursday 24 March 2016 (PART II) from 10:30am to 12:00pm Central European Time

The good management of data is now an essential part of the business model of many organisations. But with new dependencies linked to the increased use of external hosting, collection, treatment and transfer of data, it is also posing heavy challenges legal, IT and strategic issues.

If it is no longer a pure IT or legal issues; who is required to take the strategic decisions to allocate the right resources (staff and budget)? What role for the Board?

Should data protection be higher on the Board agenda?

How the Board members should get the right information on the specific data risks of their organisation to be in a deciding position?

Who will be the interface between the practical concerns and the need for strategic decisions?

Is there a role for the risk manager as the instrument to collect, consolidate and analyse the relevant information the data protection and the cybersecurity of the organization?

More information of Part I on 23 February : here

More information of Part II on 24 March: here


A joint webinar with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA "Building a robust corporate culture through organisational design – central control or local empowerment?" 29th January 2016

A joint webinar with ecoDa/AIG and FERMA "Building a robust corporate culture through organisational design - central control or local empowerment?"  was held successfully on 29th January 2016. There were 92 participants, a great start to the AIG-ECODA-FERMA webinar series!

Developing a productive corporate culture is a key task facing large organisations. Is this best achieved by imposing strong control over regional business units from head office? Or should local or outsourced business entities have the power to make their own decisions and manage their own risks? Does a silo structure get in the way of developing a unified corporate culture, as argued in a recent book by FT journalist Gillian Tett? Or is better corporate culture engendered by a flat, non-hierarchical organisational framework? These and other aspects of the interrelationship between organisational design and corporate culture were discussed during the first webinar of our series on  January 29.

Speakers include Gilles Hilary (INSEAD), Riitta Mynttinen(Finnish board member), Carolyn Dittmeier (Chair of audit committees)

More information: here

Speakers biographies: here