Quotes from Members

"ecoDa provides the IoD and its members with a key means of engaging with policy makers at EU level. It is an invaluable forum through which we can share and discuss governance best practices and learning experiences."

- Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, UK -

"European legal monitoring, stance and support on specific subjects, support for Europe training module, benchmark facilitated on the various governance subjects."

- Marie Chambourdon, Secretary General of the "Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs" (ILA) -

"European corporate competitiveness depends on EU Corporate Governance policies. Through ecoDa our voice as professional directors is both heard and enhanced in Brussels. ecoDa also provides us with a platform for sharing experience and knowledge about Corporate Governance matters."

- Lars-Erik Forsgårdh, Chairman of the Swedish Academy of Board Directors -

"Through European institutions associated by ecoDa we may exchange knowledge and experience from different countries and, what is even more important, work out a joint and unified approach to particular corporate governance aspects. In a more and more integrated Europe it is crucial to develop universal, European-level standards, understood and accepted locally by each European country."

- Beata Binek, President of the Polish IoD -

"Membership of ecoDa gives us international recognition and visibility, opens the door for our members to a dialogue with their European peers and it gives us a remarkable opportunity to be part of shaping the corporate governance landscape of Europe."

- Ljiljana Katicic, President of Croatian Institute of Directors -

"Membership of the prestigious Association allows us access to the latest and most relevant information and developments in the field of Corporate Governance in Europe."

- Ylli Marku, President of the Macedonian Institute of Directors -

"Sharing experiences, presenting our dilemmas together, relying on each other’s expertise and supporting each other is part of our daily duties. Joining ecoDa with the same approach is a natural step for us. We are eager to have a say on the European decision process."

- Ron Steenkuijl, President of the Dutch Institute of Directors -