CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ecoDa / The Corporate Governance Dialogue


“Blockchain technology and its impact on shareholder dialogue” on 4th July 2018

Date : 4th July 2018

Venue : AIG Boulevard de la Plaine 11, 1050 Brussels - Name meeting room: Da Vinci, 4th Floor

Timing : 14:00 - 17:00

The European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa) – which represents the main national institutes of directors in Europe – is launching its Corporate Governance Dialogue. The objective is to identify and discuss upcoming topical issues in corporate governance and the role of tomorrow’s board members, and to bring new emerging topics to the awareness of participants, which will impact their organisations and markets.

At its kick-off meeting taking place in Brussels on July 4, the Corporate Governance Dialogue will address the Impact of Blockchain on Corporate Governance as its first topic.

In our modern digital world, concepts like disruption, AI and Blockchain have gained lots of attention. These developments raise questions as to whether the current governance framework, developed for decision-making in boards and shareholder meetings, will or should be disrupted as well.

Will the board of directors no longer exist in a world of Blockchain? Do smart contracts and AI mean the end of the agency problem? And what about corporate decision-making? Will Blockchain change the traditional governance recipes with checks and balances and mechanisms to cope with conflicts of interest?


  • Introductory remarks: Christoph Van der Elst, Professor of Business Law and Economics at the universities of Tilburg and Ghent, and Prof. Anne Lafarre Blockchain Technology for Corporate Governance and Shareholder Activism
  • Practical testimony: Marnix Driesse and Menno Wielhouwer, Kas Bank – The use of Blockchain  in the proxy voting area


You are a board member interested in blockchain technology? You have practical experience to share? To communicate your interest in this meeting, Please contact: Béatrice Richez-Baum, Director General, ecoDa at contact(at)