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Daniel Lebègue is leaving ecoDa's board

Daniel Lebègue, past Chair of the French Institute of Directors, is leaving ecoDa's board after having played a crucial role in setting up the European Confederation of Directors Associations and served almost 10 years on ecoDa's...Read more

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Béatrice Richez-Baum spoke at a morning session of IFA International Commission on 20 June, 2014

Béatrice Richez-Baum spoke at a morning session of IFA International Commission held in Paris on 20 June, 2014 : “ The major work streams of the new European Commission in governance: what are the challenges...Read more

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Main CG trends in the USA and in Canada, video presentation

NACD (in the US), CAS and Directors College (in Canada) have recorded a video for the upcoming ecoDa training programme 21-22 Ocotober, 2014 on the following topics: TOPIC 1 -  Role of Board in Strategy and...Read more

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A GNDI’s paper on Curbing Excessive Short-Termism

The Global Network of Directors’ Institutes (GNDI) has just issued a common position paper on Curbing Excessive Short-Termism stating that  “It is important to note that the timeframe contemplated by the decision-maker will...Read more

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