The Corporate Governance Dialogue

ecoDa launched The Corporate Governance Dialogue on July 4, 2018 together with its member institutions and its Corporate Associates.


The aim of the Corporate Governance Dialogue is to reflect on the future evolution of Corporate Governance, the governance trends and challenges business firms and other organisations are confronted with in the European and international context, and potential future amendments to the CG framework and mechanisms.

Consequently, the CG Dialogue wants to identify and discuss what the next topical issues in corporate governance will be, what the role of tomorrow’s board members will be, bringing awareness of the participants of new emerging topics that will impact their organisation and their market.


The CG Dialogue has been established as an open forum, with input from the business world as well as the academic community, with the input of directors as well as managers or shareholders.

Identified topics:

The CG Dialogue will address different topics which includes:

1. Should governance be redefined in an era of digitalisation, AI and block chain? 

2. How to optimize the value-added CG can/should deliver to increase the competitiveness of the

        European economy?

3. Corporate Governance as an instrument to foster corporate decision-making in the interest of

        sustainable corporate success

The CG Dialogue is currently dealing with the first topic: Should governance be redefined in an era of digitalisation, AI and block chain?

You are a young entrepreneur developing new technologies that can solve inefficiencies of the agency model, an academic, or a profit organisation interested by those topics and you wish to join the debate?  Please contact us: contact(at)