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You are a young entrepreneur interested in Corporate Governance? You are familiar with new technologies that can solve inefficiencies of the agency model? Please join The Corporate Governance Dialogue launched by ecoDa

On July 4, 2018, ecoDa launched The Corporate Governance Dialogue together with its member institutes and its Corporate Associates.

The aim of The Corporate Governance Dialogue is to reflect on the future evolution of Corporate Governance, the governance trends and challenges business firms and other organisations are confronted with in the European and international context.

The Corporate Governance Dialogue is currently considering whether governance should be redefined in an era of digitalisation and block chain by addressing the following questions:

How could the shareholders’ meeting of the future look like? Do blockchain, smart contracts
        and AI induce the end of the agency problem? How could the dialogue and information
        streams between shareholders and issuers be promoted in a digital world? Will this lead to a
        redefinition of the stewardship role of institutional investors and to a disruption of proxy

What could the stock exchange of the future look like in a digital world?
        The Corporate Governance Dialogue is about to identify a list of inefficiencies of AGMs and of
        Stock Exchanges that can be solved by smart contracts (with differentiations among EU
        Countries). The next step is to bring together a group of young entrepreneurs from EU who
        understand new technologies and who could confirm that solutions can be found to overcome
        those inefficiencies.

If you are interested by this project, please contact us: contact(at)


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The European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa) is a non-profit association founded in December 2004 under the laws of Belgium. Through its national institutes of directors (including the IoD), ecoDa represents approximately 55.000 board directors from all over the European Union, ranging from the largest public companies to the smallest private firms, both listed and unlisted. ecoDa is first and foremost a lobby organisation, whose main duty is to voice the interests of European board members. Additionally, ecoDa promotes the professionalism of boards through the development of guidance and best practices, and an education programme in partnership with INSEAD that gives an overview of all the features of national Corporate Governance specificities, and the stimulation of a reflection on what Corporate Governance will look like in modern companies. The Corporate Governance Dialogue has been established as an open forum, with input from the business world as well as the academic community, with the input of directors as well as managers or shareholders.